About the Author

Doug Boyd

Douglas S. Boyd RT(R)(MR)(ARRT)(ARMRIT) is the MRI program director at Smith Chason College’s Phoenix campus. Doug’s career in the MRI profession spans over 30 years, and during that time, he has served in the imaging departments of several large institutions. For more than a decade, he served as the MRI and PET/MRI supervisor at the Phoenix VA Hospital, which is home to the largest MRI department in the Veterans Administration system. Doug’s deep knowledge of the subject allows him to teach both professional peers and students alike. He is a frequent national lecturer on all aspects of MRI, including safety, and has been an MRI instructor at various schools for over 15 years.


James L. Carlyle

James began his MRI career at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix, honing his skills over 5 years before continuing his career at the Mayo Clinic. Through teaching MRI, he has been able to remain focused on the fundamentals and gain a unique perspective on the small community that is the MRI profession. He believes it is the responsibility of MRI technologists to pass their knowledge forward for the advancement of the profession. By contributing to the development of this book, he hopes to develop and inspire the next generation of MRI technologists.

Janine Stewart

Janine graduated from X-ray school in 2011 and began her career in MRI in 2015. She spent the first 5 years in MRI at UF Health Shands, a very large, high-ranking, and prestigious teaching and research hospital in the southeast. As a woman in STEM, she is very passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences and shaping the next generation of MRI techs, especially when, historically, that information wasn’t always freely given. She adheres to the saying: “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and the opportunity to edit and contribute to this book provided her with the opportunity to do exactly that.

Special Thanks

Leaha Ann Boyd

The author offers special thanks to Leaha Boyd, without whose support Boyd’s Comprehensive Guide to MRI would not be possible. In addition to providing support, encouragement, and enthusiasm for this book, she also endured countless hours in the scanner to provide many of the positioning and anatomy images in this volume.

Born and raised near Seattle, Washington, Leaha’s radiology career started in 1992 when she graduated from Tacoma Community College with an associate’s degree in Radiologic Arts. She then moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, and worked in trauma X-ray, where she met her husband, Doug. After marrying Doug and moving to Phoenix, she continued working as an X-ray tech until cross-training in CT. She enjoys the fast pace and diversity of cases that CT provides and has spent the last 10 years at the Phoenix VA Hospital.

Thank You

In addition to the reviewers acknowledged separately, the author thanks the following individuals for their contributions and guidance:

James F. Coffin, ARMRIT
Michelle Foreso, ARRT, BS
Benjamin Timpauer, ARMRIT