I've been covering the radiology industry for 16 years, and I've never seen anything like this. Doug's depth of knowledge and attention to detail are on full display in this book. The result is a comprehensive yet concise guide for anyone who is interested in performing MR imaging.
David Yeager
Editor, Radiology Today
MRI is a fantastic modality, intricate and ever evolving. This can be your comprehensive guide for both seasoned technologists and those just entering the field!
James Carlyle
It’s the book I wish I had when I was first cross-training into MRI, and a great resource for new grads and uncommon exams as well!
Janine Stewart
Douglas Boyd has provided what all MRI Technologists have been requesting, a quick reference guide that is clear, concise, and comprehensive, and belongs on or near the operator's console of all MRI Systems in clinical use today.
James F. Coffin
President, ARMRIT
Boyd's MRI Guide is one of my top essential books for an MRI tech. This book has all the crucial anatomy, protocols and scan angles you need to be an elite tech. The MR pictures look great and the book is very organized. Whether you're a new tech or senior tech, this book is a must have.
Kwame Doss
This book is very organized, user friendly and easy to read. I am fortunate to have Douglas Boyd, the author, as my lab instructor. He taught us the fundamentals of MRI in the lab setting and was able to demonstrate it to us by showing us different methods that are used in his book. I look forward to using his book to help further my education and in the future advance in my career.
Gabriel Horn
I've only been an MRI Tech for a year now, and while I'm very confident in my ability, there is still a lot to learn. Having this book as a reference is helpful. I'm a big proponent of self-improvement and continued learning. I've referred to your book on numerous occasions to look up positioning for exams that I don't do that often, as well as common exams and I found all the information right there at my fingertips. It's always good to keep our skills sharp and not be afraid to learn something new or admit we need help. Having this book is a valuable tool in that regard. I feel like students could especially benefit from using your book. If I had had this as a student, I would have found it extremely helpful, especially while learning cross-sectional anatomy and would have been a great lab companion for setting up scans. The old saying of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' really is true, and I say that about your book because you've included fantastic labeled pictures with diagrams that are easy to read and understand. Sometimes a quick glance at a picture is all you need to guide you through a difficult exam or to refresh your memory. I also like the explanations that go with the pictures and diagrams for their conciseness. Just easy written instruction that only takes a few seconds to read and understand, very nice!
Julie Kitchens